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As the name suggests , this department deals with treatment of all kinds of dental ailments in children from infants to approximately 13 years of age. Children need special care while treating dental problems as they are fearful and apprehensive to the perception of pain during dental treatment. Apart from this , being there formative years , the goal of this department is to inculcate good oral hygiene practices among children , for a better oral health of society in future.

This department treats all kinds of dental cavities and gum diseases in milk teeth of children. They perform extraction of milk tooth , dental fillings , root canal therapy ( known as pulpectomy here ) and teeth cleaning for the children. The treatment of the above ailments is done in such a manner that the environment is playful and little children can correlate. Every treatment is explained and demonstrated to the children in ways and words which they can understand. This department also works in close association with the Orthodontics department , to diagnose and monitor growth related problems of children.

Space Maintaners , Deciduous Teeth Extraction , Deciduous Teeth Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy , Aesthetic Fillings , Crowns .
  • Lifetime Achievement Award By IDA WB Branch presented to Dr.(Prof) Shabnam Zahir on 8th March, 2018
  • Best Paper in National ISPPD Conference, Chennai, 2017 presented to Dr. Biswaroop Chandra.
  • CDE workshop and National Seminar on “Restoring Primary teeth -The Zirconia Way ” Lecture + Hands by the department on 14th November, 2017
  • Awareness camp for Teachers’ regarding Oral Hygiene Awareness organized at St. Xavier’s Institution, Barackpore in relation to Children’s Day Celebration on 14th Nov, 2017.
  • Dr. ParidheeJalan And Dr. Trisha Das Sharma was awarded for Best Poster in ISPPD National Conference, Chennai, 2017
  • Paper Presentations by Faculty or Postgraduate in any National/ State or International Speciality/ IDA conference:
    • Guest Lecture – ISPPD National Conference, Chennai – Dr.(Prof) Shabnam Zahir – “Plant products, Oral microbes and Dental Caries”
    • Keynote Lecture in Annual IDA Conference of IDA West Bengal – Prof. (Dr.) Shabnam Zahir – “Modern Lifestyle, Parenting and Child Patient – A challenge to the Dental Surgeon”
    • Organized a symposium on 8th March, 2017 – “Role of Women Dentists, Now and Then” –Prof. (Dr.) Shabnam Zahir
    • Paper Presentation – ISPPD National Conference – “Auricular Prosthesis” – Dr. SudiptaKar
    • Paper Presentation – ISPPD National Conference – “Radix Entomolaris” – Dr. Biswaroop Chandra
    • Paper - Guarding the Budding Sportsman – a case report. – Dr. Trishik Basak
    • Paper - Comparison among different artificial methods of enamel demineralization of tooth – Dr. AritriLahiri
    • Paper – Surgical Frenectomy – Dr. KuntalNayak
    • Paper – Management of fractured anterior teeth by biological restoration - a case report – Dr. AbhishekMandal
    • Poster – Mouthbreathing Habit – an interdisciplinary approach for a better solution – Dr. Shruti Shah
    • Poster – Obstructive Sleep Apnea – A pedodontist through the looking glass - Dr. ParidheeJalan and Dr. Trisha Das Sharma
    • Poster – Pulp Vitality – Yesterday, today and tomorrow - Dr. ParidheeJalan and Dr. Trisha Das Sharma
    • Poster – Hydrogel – a new feather in the cap of Regenerative Endodontics- Dr. Abhishek Das and Dr. Shankhani Dev
    • Poster – Protect the Pillars before they crumble - - Dr. Abhishek Das and Dr. ShankhanilDev
  • Special Cases or Treatment Done for a rare or complex disorder:
    • Fabrication of Custom Mouthguard
    • Bleeding induced Regenerative Endodontics in upper right lateral incisor
    • Anterior crossbite correction by fixed Mechanotherapy
    • Apexification using Biodentine
    • Laser aided operculectomy of maxillary central incisor
    • Innovative management of young permanent tooth with open apex
    • Prosthetic rehabilitation of missing upper anterior toothusing Mini implant.
    • Laser excision of Eruption Cyst
    • Fabrication of Bondable Space Maintainer with Mandibular first deciduous molar.
    • Endodontic treatment of Radix Entomolaris in primary and permanent tooth.
    • Fixed Nail Biting Deterrent Appliance
    • Treatment of Chronic cheek bite through modified oral screen
    • Interception of tongue thrusting habit through clear crib appliance
    • Anterior Fixed functional esthetic space maintainer for management of patient with Ectodermal Dysplasia.
  • Sports Achievement in Extracurricular Activities:
    • Third place for Prof. (Dr.) Shabnam Zahir in Faculty 100 meter race in Annual Sports Day
    • Semi Final of Inter JIS Cricket tournament – Participants – Dr. Biswaroop Chandra and Dr. Subhamay Chakraborty
    • 2nd Place in Tug of War( Women) in Annual Sports Day – Dr. Trisha Das Sharma
    • 2nd Place in Tug of War ( Men) in Annual Sports Day - Dr. KuntalNayak


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