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Prof. (Dr.) J. Bhattacharyya
Dr Jayanta Bhattacharyya

Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science and Research is presently one of the premier Institutes of Eastern India and West Bengal that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences.

This institution was conceived more than a decade back with a viewpoint to introduce the uppermost crust of Dental education and aims to provide Dental treatment with state of the art technology to patients across all sections of the society. It is well equipped with resource personnel having the knowledge, skills and attitude to fulfil the ethical standards of the profession and at the same time, showing awareness of the statutory regulation of the profession.

We offer a faculty, who through their clinical expertise, research and education have contributed immensely in both training fresh talents and improving patient care. Moreover with the dental curriculum evolving at a rapid pace with the advent of modern technology the institution is committed to keep its students updated, educated and well equipped to handle many of the most advanced procedures now available in Dentistry. The vision of the management is very well defined and there is no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education and care to students. For every aspiring student our advice is- “Study hard, work sincerely with dedication and the good life will follow you!

I humbly offer you to come and join us in this enriching journey with a view to achieve your cherished goal as budding dental professionals, for “you will be the one to create beautiful smiles”.

Prof. (Dr.) J. Bhattacharyya
BDS(C.U.) , MDS (Prosthodontics ) (C.U.)

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