International Student Cell

International Student Cell



Prof Dr Jayanta Bhattacharyya

Principal & Chief Coordinator

Mr Rana Ghosh

COORDINATOR Exchange Program

Prof Dr Soumitro Ghosh

Communications & Human Resources

Prof Dr Richi Burman

Logistics & Technical Support

Dr Anupam Sarkar

Academic Co-Ordinator

Mr Pradeep Chandra

Foreign Exchange & Accounts

The International Student Cell of GNIDSR works in close association with our Career Guidance Cell to help our students and guide them for Foreign Admissions and Courses. Recently the cell initiated a International Observership Program for our students with International Medical University , Kuala Lumpur under their Mobility Program.

The endervour gave our students a cutting edge exposure of dentistry as in developed nations and widened their vision beyond conventional teaching. The Cell actively facilitates all logistic and partnership activities for this program , such that the travelling students do not face a single hitch while abroad.

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