The working hours of the hospital are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ( Monday to Friday ) . On Saturday the working hours are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Sunday the hospital is closed. New patient registration time is from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.

    Apart from Sundays , the Hospital is Closed on the following National Holidays ( Holiday List ).In all other Government Holidays , the hospital will function from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

    As soon as you reach the dental hospital for the first time , you have to procure a white Coloured OPD ticket from the Registration Counter by paying Five Rupees ( ₹ 5/- only ) . Thereafter you have to visit the ORAL MEDICINE Department ( Ground Floor Left Wing ) , where you will be examined and your treatment plan explained to you. Accordingly you will be referred to all the respective departments for treatment according to priority-wise.

    Next time you visit the hospital , you may go directly to your concerned department , without going to ORAL MEDICINE OPD.

    The dental hospital is a TEACHING HOSPITAL guided by the rules and regulations under the DENTAL COUNCIL OF INDIA. Henceforth the primary doctors attending to you will be students , Interns and postgraduates. You may be allotted your attending doctor according to the nature of your problem deemed best by the department faculty.

    However , throughout your treatment , the doctor treating you will be supervised by a more senior and experienced teaching faculty of the department.

    The dental hospital has a dedicated department catering to Children on the 6th Floor. Children with dental cavities and other dental problems are treated by PEDODONTICS DEPARTMENT. Moreover children with crooked / malaligned teeth are also treated by the ORTHODONTICS DEPARTMENT on the 7th Floor.

    However , throughout your treatment , the doctor treating you will be supervised by a more senior and experienced teaching faculty of the department.

    If your teeth need extraction , you will be referred to the ORAL SURGERY DEPARTMENT from the ground floor Oral Medicine OPD. Teeth extraction is done absolutely FREE OF COST in the dental hospital. Some prerequisites for teeth extraction are –

    • Adult attendent has to be present on the Day of extraction with the patient.
    • Primary examination and Prescription has to be done from our Oral Surgery Department certifying extraction of particular teeth. We do not accept outside prescription advising extractions.
    • All requisite Medical Reports and Laboratory Tests ( If Advised by our doctors ) has to be present with the patient seeking dental extraction.
    • To Safeguard the quality of treatment and handle unforeseen clinical situations , we advise patients to seek prior appointment for dental extractions , unless there is an emergency.

    The dental hospital provides fixed and removable artificial teeth , including the latest dental implants. You will have to/will be referred to the PROSTHODONTICS DEPARTMENT on the 3rd Floor if you seek artificial teeth. Some prerequisites for getting artificial teeth / dentures are –

    • Prior to fabrication for Artifical Teeth , the damaged teeth need to be removed or filled / restored essentially. Artificial Teeth / Denture are not effective if the surrounding teeth are damaged or shaking.
    • Fabrication of Artificial Teeth or Dentures takes time i.e Approximately 6 or 7 sittings spaced over a month.
    • Cost of Artifical Teeth ( Fixed or Removable ) is very subsidized in our hospital , compared to private dental clinics. Patients are only charged minimally for material related expenditures.
    • Regular Checkups are essential to keep your dentures / artificial teeth in good shape.

In case you are not satisfied with your treatment , you may approach the Senior Faculty member of the Department.

In case you are still not satisfied , you can approach the Departmental Head. You can also express your concern to the HOSPITAL SUPERINTENDENT (Ground Floor).

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