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This is the department which receives the patient initially as he walks into the dental college for treatment . Their primary function is the listen to patient symptoms ( eg. dental pain ) and do a basic examination and if required prescribe medication. Based on the primary checkup they also make a treatment plan or sequel for the patient ,and subsequently refer him/her to the respective departments for specialized treatments.

The Radiology wing of this department receives requests for dental X rays ( IOPA X RAY ) and Full Jaw X rays ( OPG X RAY ) from various departments of the college. They take and process these xrays , and also primarily describe or report these xrays. The department is planning to install the Cone Beam Computed Tomography Machine ( CBCT Machine ) very soon in the future.

Apart from formulating a treatment sequel for the patient , they also specialize in diagnosing some disorders of the oral cavity like ulcers , precancerous lesions , red & white lesions , salivary gland disorders , autoimmune disorders affecting oral cavity. They can individually diagnose and treat conditions of the oral cavity and provide medical treatment for them.
  • Intraoral Periapical Radiograph Machine
  • Orthopantomogram Xray Machine
  • Radiation Hazard Safety monitored by AERB
  • Dr Kaushik Dutta was National Faculty by Indian Dental Association National Conference held in Kolkata in 2017-18
  • Dr Kaushik Dutta completed the Basic and Advanced Course for Bioethics Teacher Trainers conducted by UNESCO CHAIR IN BIOETHICS HAIFA & WEST BENGAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES
  • Dr Kaushik Dutta was faculty for Oral Medicine and Radiology in AOMSI MasterClass 2017
  • Dr Kaushik Dutta was Faculty of Oral Medicine and Radiology in West Bengal State IDA CDE program.
  • Kaushik Dutta was Judge in PG paper presentation in Oral Medicine and Radiology in Annual Conference of West Bengal State conference.
  • Dr Kaushik Dutta was Prize winner in National IAOMR PG convention.
Result of 1st yr BDS Internal Assessment Examination
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