Library & E-Resource Centre

Library & E-Resource Centre

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Sl no. Name of the website Web link Activities of the site
1 Swayam MOOC platform
2 NPTEL MOOC platform
3 NDL: National Digital Library Repository of e-books/ e-journals, etc.
4 EBSCOhost: Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source e-journals database
5 Shodhganga Repository of PhD thesis
6 ShodhShuddhi Plagiarism checking site (URKUND)
7 ShodhGangotri Repository of Synopses/ Research proposal for PhD
8 ShodhSindhu e-consortium 
9 Medknow Journals Repository of National journals free access site
10 Sage Publication SAGE Journals database


Please Note: We are glad to inform you that the Dental Council of India Consortium e-Library has launched MyLOFT for all your e-content needs.All faculty members and PG_MDS students of Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences & Research (GNIDSR) can now access, store and organize e-content subscribed to the Dental Council of India Consortium using the MyLOFT application.

Library Resources

The institute library boasts of a robust collection of books and journals for enabling our students to enrich themselves and compete with the best in the profession. Students are encouraged to spend time in library and a seating capacity of 130 chairs ensure no student is deprived of a place in the library.

The library encompasses more than of 4163 books and volumes and as much as 3667 titles. The collection ranges to approximately 60 international speciality journal subscriptions and 35 national speciality journal subscriptions.

The library allows access to its electronic subscriptions which amount to approximately 290 journals through EBESCO web portal for effective postgraduate teaching. Every year the library holds exhibitions of various publishers in its premises , where different faculties and encouraged to read and recommend new books to the libraries which will add to the already exhaustive collection.

Library Rules & Regulation

  • Library cards will be issued to the bonafide students of this institute only.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Users should carry his/ her library card while entering the library.
  • Library card has to be renewed every year at the very beginning of new academic session.
  • With effect from 1st January, 2019 any student who is unable to produce original library card; a General Diary (GD) has to be registered and duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rupees five hundred (Rs.500/) only.
  • Only one book and one CD (supplementary) will be issued at a time by BDS students and Maximum two books may be consider for MDS students.
  • Books will be issued for a period of 7 (seven) days only and may be reissued for another period of seven days on a special consideration depending on the availability.
  • Reading card will not be used for home issue.
  • Reference book/ reading copy and journals will not be issued as ‘Home Issue’ under any circumstance.
  • A late fine of Rs.2(two) for BDS students and Rs.5 (five) for MDS students will be charged per day from the date of expiry of the due date of return of the books/ CDs
  • In any circumstances the book must be returned within one month along with the fine. Failing of which the students will not be allowed to avail any library facility and his/ her card will be blacklisted.
  • Students are requested to check the condition of the book before being issued.
  • Defaulters are liable to replace the book if found mutilated or damaged or lost within 15 (fifteen) days along with the fine as mentioned above.
  • Students may use library internet only for educational purpose.
  • Foods are not allowed in library premises.
  • Using of mobile phone is not allowed in library.
  • Readers are not allowed to displace chair/ table in library reading room and computer section.
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