Examination Guidelines


  1. There shall be three internal examinations in the institution spaced uniformly across an academic year.
  2. The tentative dates of the internal examinations and university examinations shall be as per the academic calendar available in the institutional website / student handbook / administrative office. The final dates shall be intimated to all students via notice board / official whatsapp groups and via respective teachers.
  3. The students are advised to follow the notices and information provided in the official whatsapp groups regarding starting of online enrollment , examination fee payment and admit card generation for the university examinations. The last date mentioned in the portal has to be religiously followed by all students.
  4. The syllabus covered till 10 days prior to the set date for the Internal Examination shall be included in the respective examination , subject to the condition that the announcement for conduct of the examination is prior to the said date. 
  5. The question paper of the third Internal Assessment will follow the University Examination pattern. The pattern of question paper for first and second Internal Examinations shall be decided as per the uniform consensus amongst all HODs for that academic year and notified to all students atleast one month prior to the examination. The students are advised to prepare for answering some MCQs and Case Based / Problem Based questions in the first two internal examinations.
  6. The question paper is set by a process of moderation between HOD , internal examiner and senior faculty members of the department. The process is completely discrete and unbiased. Approaching any faculty member for suggestions or tips for the question paper is completely unwarranted and a punishable offence.
  7. The Examination is conducted only in the Institutional Examination Hall with continuous CCTV monitoring with invigilators as per WBUHS guidelines. One or more female faculty member is mandatorily present at all times along with the invigilators.
  8. Both the faculties invigilating and the students appearing , shall maintain proper discipline and dress code in the Examination Hall. Silence and harmony shall be maintained in the examination hall at all times. Mobile phones / laptops / tablets / smart watches or any electronic device of similar nature are not allowed inside the examination hall.
  9. If any inadvertent spelling mistake or misprint is present in the question paper , the subject faculty invigilating shall mitigate any genuine query by the students immediately in the said matter.
  10. The students should follow the instructions given by the Hall In Charge in filling the answer scripts properly to avoid any untoward mistakes in entering the details. The student shall not disclose his / her identity in the answer scripts , except in the area specifically provided to do so. The student should write legibly, draw diagrams wherever necessary and underline salient points. The student should distribute his / her time appropriately such that he / she gets adequate time to attempt all questions.
  11. Use of any unfair means noticed during the Examination by any student shall be dealt with very strictly. The answer script shall be confiscated and the Hall in Charge and Principal shall be subsequently informed. The student and the faculty involved in the matter shall be called to place their appeal before the Grievance Redressal Committee Chairperson , Hall in Charge and Principal within the next 48 hours , along with the CCTV footage of the incident.
  12. The University Examination answer scripts are CODED and no faculty member has any knowledge whatsoever of the identity of the received answer scripts. Approaching any faculty member for favors or unscrupulous benefits shall be dealt with very sternly.  
  13. The office shall declare the result of the Internal Examination within a period of , not extending beyond , 15 days from conduct of last examination. The answer scripts will be shown to the students within 7 days from the date of declaration of results in their respective departments.
  14. Any student who shall have any grievance whatsoever regarding the marks obtained or conduct of the examination , shall submit his / her grievance to the concerned subject Head of the Department , with a copy to the Chairperson of the Grievance Redressal Cell and the Principal. The Chairperson of the Grievance Redressal Cell shall monitor the steps taken by the Head of the Department in mitigating the grievance within a stipulated period of time , not extending beyond 15 days.
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