Delayed Immediate Denture – A Case Report

Delayed Immediate Denture – A Case Report (Abstract)

In today’s world of social activeness, patients demand for an immediate replacement of missing teeth. Immediate denture is a dental prosthesis constructed for restoration of tooth immediately after extraction for esthetic as well as functional reasons. It has been a treatment of choice for cases with trauma, periodontal disease and various other reasons. Immediate denture acts as a splint over the surgical area and promotes rapid healing. The purpose of the present clinical report is to provide the patient with immediate denture. Delayed immediate denture is given in this case as this was a traumatic case with two teeth i.e. 21 and 22 avulsed but due to the poor prognosis of 11 made this a delayed immediate denture case.

Keywords: Avulsion, Denture, Immediate denture

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