The Chronicles of Stomatology

  • article1

    Evaluation of efficacy of photodynamic therapy as an adjunct to nonsurgical periodontal therapy in treatment of chronic periodontitis patients: A clinico- microbiological study

    K Ravi Raj, SVVS Musalaiah, M Nagasri, Aravind Kumar, P Indeevar Reddy, M Greeshma

  • article1

    Utilization of neutral zone concept in an edentulous geriatric patient with neuromuscular incoordination and resorbed ridges- A case report

    Kaustubh Bhapkar, Sunil Kumar MV, Harikesh P Rao, Rajesh Kumar

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    The Regenerative Potential Of Blood Derived Autologous Matrix - Case Reports

    Dr. Paromita Mazumdar, Dr. Shromi Roy Choudhury, Dr. Sampurna Dutta Gupta

  • article1

    Resin Infiltration Technique To Treat Hypomineralized Incisors – A Case Report

    Dr. Aindrila Ghosh, Dr. Paridhee Jalan, Dr. Aaheli Banerjee, Prof. (Dr.) Shabnam Zahir, Dr. Sudipta Kar, Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Kundu

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