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Chairman's Vision

An inherent desire has a way of becoming a dream and translating that dream into reality gives one an innate sense of happiness and achievement.

Mission & Vision

Set up in the year 1999 under the dynamic stewardship of its Chairman Sardar Jodh Singh, the Narula Education Trust took upon itself the onerous task of providing quality technical education in the private sector in the state of West Bengal.


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Director's Message

With an incredible majority of the adult population of India affilicated with periodontal disease and the increasing incidence of dental caries among the young,the crying need of the hour is qualified manpower in the dental field to cater to the dental healthcare of India's teeming millions.

Principal's Message

I humbly offer you to come and join us in this enriching journey with a view to achieve your cherished goal as budding dental professionals, for “you will be the one to create beautiful smiles”

Research Activities

Research Activities at Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences And Research, Kolkata Dental Sciences is a fast advancing integral branch of modern medical sciences.