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Research Activities

Research Activities at Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences And Research, Kolkata

Dental Sciences is a fast advancing integral branch of modern medical sciences. The teaching, training, treatment and research in this speciality involves diseases ranging from Dental Caries to Oral Cancer.. In India approximately 70% of the school going children are suffering from dental caries while approximately 90% of the adult population are victims of periodontal diseases. These diseases are the main cause of early tooth loss in Indians. Moreover, the prevalence of oral precancer and cancer in India is also very high because of chewing of the tobacco & allied products and smoking habits by our people at large.

Oral and oro-pharengeal cancer constitutes approximately 40% of total body cancer in Indian population. Approximately, 8 millions Indians are affected with premalignant disorders while more than 70,000 Indians are affected with oral cancer annually.

Oral pre-cancer and cancer being very complex killer disease processes and India being one of the global leaders in incidence of these diseases, we need to conduct hi-tech research to unravel the mysteries of these diseases with a view to prevent development of oral pre-cancer and cancer and also to design effective curative treatment procedures.

To combat the incidence of dental caries and periodontal diseases, we also need to conduct extensive epidemiological and clinical research especially in the field of material sciences.

There are approximately 300 dental colleges in the country imparting undergraduate (BDS) course of studies. A good number of these Institutions are imparting Post Graduate (MDS) courses too.

Very few of these Institutions are having facilities for pursuing Ph.D programmes. Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences & Research stands distinct amongst all these institutions in this respect to have the credit of conducting research not only relating to basic and clinical aspects of dental sciences leading to Ph.D but also in conducting advance research in the field of oral cancer and pre-cancer in collaboration with School of Medical Science & Technology, IIT, KHARAGPUR. The team of dedicated academicians and researchers from Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences & Research and from the School of Medical Science & Technology, IIT, Kharagpur are having several research publications in international journals, a mark of recognition of their research in the field of oral cancer.

The research team from this Institute is very much dedicated to conduct advance research in several super speciality fields of dental sciences being backed by the administration effectively.

Prof. (Dr.) R.R.Paul
MDS (Bom), Ph.D (Cal)